About Security Canyon


Cyber Security and advanced computer technologies have been recognized, by state and local governments, as an industrial cornerstone for the Arizona economy.  To foster the local development of the corresponding industries and businesses, Arizona must generate, attract and retain an increasing number of highly educated talents.  This challenge has been recognized by the economic development organizations and by the private sector as well.

A group of industry leaders led by Ori Eisen, Joe Loomis, Sean Moshir and Kyle Starkey have decided to take up the challenge of finding and attracting talent to staff an increasing number of open positions.  This with an eye towards long term solutions to nurture a vibrant local community of cyber security talents.  This will turn the greater Phoenix Metro area  and Arizona at large to a hub of cyber talent, and a coalition known as Security Canyon.

Cyber Security Canyon’s coalition objectives are:

  1. Attract and retain the cyber talent in Arizona
  2. Share the cyber-related jobs that are available to qualified candidates
  3. Provide a focal point for educational partnerships to foster the availability of cyber technology talent across Arizona
  4. Promote the benefits of working in the cyber sector in Arizona

Cyber Security Canyon coalition is seeking to establish a Board of Directors and appoint an Executive Director that will carry the organization forward.   With the support and participation of elected officials and public entities like the City of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Maricopa County and Arizona State.

It all started on this napkin at Altitude Coffee Lab now Lakeview Coffee

Code Canyon Napkin