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Where else can you do a job that you love and own a house with a pool?

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Over the past year the City of Scottsdale Economic Development Department has developed ‘Work Scottsdale,’ an effort to market Scottsdale as a mecca for talent and to assist Scottsdale companies in out-of-state recruiting. Some of our efforts have included creation of the work talent attraction web page, the Scottsdale Relocation Guide and programs to assist new hires in adapting to Scottsdale and the desert southwest. A highlight of these efforts has been participation at career recruitment fairs out of state such as South by Southwest in Austin in March and the National Society of Hispanic MBAs in Chicago in October. The city team was accompanied by Scottsdale companies at both shows, resulting in the collection of a number of qualified resumes to pass on to local companies.

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Just because you’re making a lot, doesn’t mean you’re living luxuriously:
I work in Silicon Valley for a 6-figure household income, but I don’t have nearly as much money as you think


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